Our Process

Our process is simple. First we sit and talk.

Every project begins with questions. We assess the specifics of what you want to achieve. We merge the grandiose and the ambitious with the real. With the realization of an effective focused design, we incorporate your requirements and vision to achieve the goal.

After we talk, we review the site and offer feasibility planning. We then take the concept and develop construction drawings and specification documentation that allow for the application of building permits and tendering.

Next we assist with the selection of a construction firm to realize our vision.

We can assist in the Project Management of the construction and after completion, we can assist with furniture installation and move coordination.

Design grows organically from the needs, constraints and goals of each project. We always seek to harness the collaborative energy of Your vision, Ours and the repertoire of committed, professional and esteemed contractors and vendors under the Fraser Design Umbrella.

FD+A merges the views of all involved to create the harmonious blend of sight, building and community. We consider our clients to be an integral part of the team project and we encourage all to participate in the decision making process at whatever level they are comfortable with.

Our Design Theory

We see every opportunity for innovation within every project. We become translators of your vision. We take conceptual ideas and give them physical interpretation. Our respect for form and function defines our approach to creating lasting environments.

We create spaces that evolve with the client, realms that transcend fads and emphasize comfort and individuality.

We will always endeavour to tweak the architecture of your space and to optimize it’s many possibilities.

We love when we take your ideas from concept and give them square footage.

Our Inspiration

We emphasize inspiration in all it’s unexpected forms and remain ever conscious of how it translates to space.

Design is everywhere; from an angled close-up shot on a blade of grass, to the magnitude of a water lily on a Monet canvas; from the colour play in a Dr. Seuss book, to the curve of a little girl’s foot in her mother’s high heel shoe…

We engage in the dialogue between form and function whenever possible, seeking out inspiration, but mostly, seeking to inspire you.

Our History

Fraser Design Studio is an internationally renowned, award-winning, creative agency which has delivered both vivid and powerful designs for a global clientele.

Established since 1996, our team of visionaries is determined to engage competitively and creatively. We effortlessly merge design with function, nature with urban aesthetics and the inspired with the relevant.

Our multidisciplinary approach to design draws inspiration from art, life and history. We constantly seek to empower our clients, as well as our peers as we bring forth a dynamic, customized and tailored vision that is distinctively ours.

Robin Fraser

Robin Fraser is a self-described interior conceptualizer. This all-encompassing designation is a much more apt description of her approach to and relationship with design.

For over 23 years Robin has developed a distinguished international résumé with work in the United States, Asia and Canada. A belief in process and in function has garnered Robin a reputation as thorough, informed and relevant.

Her impressive inventory of skills, her conviction and intimate rapport with design can be seen in her featured appearances on the Food Network’s television series “Restaurant Makeover”.

Recognized for her decisive, risk-taking and imaginative role on a project, Robin’s work encompasses both residential and commercial.

An animated, colourful visionary, she maintains that not only does she love what she does… she’s good at what she does.

Robin prides herself on the ability of bringing the conceptual into the reality, likening her approach to that of a filmmaker who “works in frames”.

Robin Fraser challenges space, frame by frame, leaving it simple, yet complete.

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